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1. Overview

In this section you will information on how and where you can find our taxis.

mishwar is a chauffeur-driven car booking service that offers convenient, reliable and comfortable travel. Book a ride via our mobile app, website or call our 24/7 friendly, customer service team. You can keep track of your request in real time, pay by credit card on your file, enter project codes if you are a corporate user, or choose to pay cash. You can also rate your ride and view your account history online.

1. All cars on our platform are well maintained
2. Our drivers are highly trained and professionally licensed by their local regulator
3. We personally inspect all cars and interview all drivers

Once you’ve requested one of our licensed cars via our mobile app, website or our 24/7 customer service team, our people work hard behind the scenes to ensure we find a driver for you. We strive to ensure your car arrives on time. Our drivers are professionally trained in safe navigation and will always know your pick-up and drop-off location, so you never have to direct them. We make our money by keeping a small portion of the fare

We pride ourselves in being the trusted partner for some of the Middle East’s top multinational corporations. Companies love that we’re efficient, reliable and easy to use. We give the flexibility to employees to book online quickly, track requests in real time, pay using company project code, access detailed corporate invoices, etc. To sign up for a corporate account, get in touch with us on info@mishwar.net

2. Billing and pricing

Learn more about our cars and our drivers.

We aim to keep our prices simple, fair, and competitive. For a range, please refer to our fare estimator on our homepage. For bulk corporate or agency rates, contact us at sales@mishwar.net

Airport pick-up surcharge applies to all airport pick-up bookings. This charge is there to compensate the driver for parking the car, paying applicable airport taxes, and waiting for up to 30 minutes free of cost.

Our pricing is based on distance travelled and wait time (below 16 km/h). It is possible that similar trips may have slightly different pricing due to any variations in route and/or most likely due to the wait time.

We define wait time as time when the car is travelling less than 16 km/h. This is similar to how most taxi companies around the world work. The wait time will vary based on traffic, even if you are punctual.

Your credit card is not charged until after your trip is finished. At the time of booking, we simply want to know which card you want to use for the trip. We mostly process credit cards in night batches, so your card may be charged the night of your booking or early next morning.

We wish we did not have to charge for cancellations at all. But the reality is that drivers, once assigned to a booking, will often turn down other business to do our bookings. Therefore, if a booking is cancelled after a driver has been assigned (which happens a couple of hours before the pick-up time), we need to compensate him/her.

With that principle of fairness, we have tried to be generous in our cancellation policy.

1. Bookings cancelled before a driver has been assigned incur no cost.
2. For fixed-time bookings, if cancellations happen 2 hours prior to pick-up time, no cost is incurred (even if a driver has already been assigned). For cancellations made within than 2 hours of pick-up time, the cancellation cost will be the minimum fare for the country you're in. For last-minute cancellations, or in cases where the driver has already arrived for pick-up, the cancellation cost is the minimum fare plus waiting charges, if any.
3. For NOW bookings, if cancellation happens 2 minutes after driver assignment, there is no cost. Between 2 minutes of driver assignment and driver arrival, the cancellation cost is the minimum fare. After driver arrival, the cancellation cost is the minimum fare, plus any waiting charge.

3. Bookings and trips

If an item is lost you can be sure that we will have it for you.

There are two ways you can make a booking for others.

1. Client, I support - By selecting the 'Person I support' option in the Passenger drop-down, you can make bookings for other mishwar users that you might be supporting. This is the setup through which corporate assistants and travel teams can make bookings for staff that they support, or a couple can make bookings for each other. For this to work, users that you support should be registered as your 'Client,' which you can establish through the My Profile page.

2. Guest - By selecting the 'Guest' option in the Passenger drop-down, you can make bookings for anyone with a mobile number and an email address. You can also specify the Guest credit card in the Payment drop-down if you want the Guest to pay for this trip. It is important that you specify the correct mobile number for the Guest because that will be used to communicate important ride information to the Guest.

If you see yourself making repeated Guest bookings for the same user, you may want to consider signing them up with a profile and then using the 'Person I support' option for their bookings. You will save yourself the hassle of entering the same information multiple times.

We all know that coming out of airports can take some time. This time varies for people, depending on whether you have an eGate card, luggage, etc. You are in the best position to determine when you will realistically come out of the airport.

Therefore, please set the pickup time for your airport pickup to when you think you will come out of the terminal. You can be a little ambitious because we give 30 minutes of grace wait time for airport pickups, but it is not probably not prudent to set the pickup time to be the time your flight lands.

Fixed-time bookings need to be made at least 1 hour before the pick-up time. The bookings are confirmed instantly and we assure you a punctual, reliable and comfortable ride.

NOW bookings do not have any advance booking requirements. When you request a car NOW, we will dispatch the closest available car and let you know how long it will take for the car to reach you. If it is going to take longer than you can afford to wait, you can Cancel the booking within the first 2 minutes without charge.

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